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You’ve got to love a clean bong. Look at those blue skies
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When you love someone, you don’t have a choice. Love takes your choices away."
• Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes (via hqlines)
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Everything you love is here
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i need a cigarette and a long cry about everything"
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  • me: im so bored
  • me: i have nothing to do
  • me: i wish i had something to do
  • basic responsibilities: yo
  • me: not u
  • me: anyway
  • me: im so bored
  • me: i have nothing to do
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Two things prevent us from happiness; living in the past and observing others."
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my little sister sleeps with a box of cheez-its next to her pillow and i always thought it was because she’s lazy and likes to have it for convenient snacking but last night she told me it’s because she likes seeing it first thing when she wakes up to remind her there’s good in the world

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If you have the person you really want. You are one lucky fucker"
• Ashleigh Hoskins   (via einhorny)
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